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Thread: Android tablet PC (up to $200 AUD) - recommendations anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirage View Post
    This one is exactly what I have. It's called HAIPAD M7. There are some reviews on youtube.
    Spec say that it has 2x2200 Mah battery but it actually means 2200 Mah in total.

    I bought this a few weeks ago for development and only now have some time to install SDK and learn.
    It's definitely worth its money and even more.
    All features are here and working. It is fast enough to run 3D games like Asphalt.
    Now it's capable of OpenGL ES 1.1 but with Android 2.3 it will support OpenGL ES 2.0. Unofficial (and unstable) firmware with 2.3 already exists.
    @Mirage: I was curious, I noticed that the tablet I am looking at buying is 1.1kg in weight - is this similar to the weight of your tablet? If so, do you find yours a bit heavy to tote around?

    This is my only doubt with this one...


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    Hey all,
    I have now ordered a tablet from here:

    I am really looking forward to my new toy!


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    My new toy, the Haipad M7 7" android tablet has now arrived!!

    I will try and have a photo taken of me holding it (tonight maybe) and upload it


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