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Thread: Getting textual input

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    Getting textual input

    Hi! I've this problem: i must read some text in a sdl program to implement a chat system.
    Now, the only way i found on sdl to read from keyboard is the classic key events. But they just give you the press-release changes, and don't handle things like capitals etc, since the shift and ctrl keys are just treated like any other. Also, key-mapping seems to be the normal USA one, width the " character over the 2 and the ? over the ', etc etc even if keyboard is different.
    Is there a way to read a simple text ? or a library to do that ?
    I really need it..


    PS i'm developing cross-platform for linux and windows.. so the solution should work for both (or just give two solutions )
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    Getting textual input

    There is a link to a chat program that is written in C that you may want to have a look @
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