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Thread: what about collapsing forums ? :P

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    what about collapsing forums ? :P

    What's the point in having so many forums, while lots of them hold 2, 3 topics ?
    Look at AI for example.. 10 threads in 5 forums! They will fit all in a single page on a single forum.
    I thinks it gets too dispersive... i would collapse some categories in single forums.

    Thanks {MSX}
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    what about collapsing forums ? :P

    Actually I agree with it :shock:.. I visit many forums, and every forum has a different setup. But this one is hardest to browse if you just want to keep general track of the whole forum. It would be less of a problem when we have more users and forumtrackers (-I wub those -) since then it would actually increase the speed people can go through the posts of interest.

    Anyway; I'll put it in our new 'n improved wishlist for DGDev, 'THE SEQUEL' So maybe... stay tuned

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    what about collapsing forums ? :P

    I'm taking this 1 year old issue to your attention again

    I think that our actual forums system could get better.

    Things i'll change:

    :arrow: Collapse/remove unused "Library" forums: XCess, Project Omega and Gamevision. They have too few posts to justify a forum..

    :arrow: Design/Creative group: All treads from 4 forum doesn't make 10. Collapse all in a single "creative" forum (or collapse the whole design category)

    :arrow: Design/Tecnical: idem as above

    :arrow: Getting started: What's the need for two separate forums? We could collapse to one. Also, there are still a General, Delphi and Freepascal forums, so this Getting Started could as well be cancelled for me.

    :arrow: The AI category can be merged in a single forum. There are only 15 threads. They fit largely in a single page

    :arrow: Input: same as AI. BTW it contains a single API-related forum.. I'll remove the category and make a single non API-related forum

    :arrow: Network: as above. It's could be nice to have separated API and general forums, but thay have very small traffic so they could as well be collapsed in only one general forum

    :arrow: Sound: this is a little more used, still, too many forums. No one uses BASS.

    :arrow: Graphics: here i feel the missing of a general, non API-related forum where to talk about general 3d theory that could fit on both API. For examples particle engine, geometry, matrix, quaternions, how buffers work, etc etc.

    :arrow: Tutorials and link: no more needed in the new site where we have apposite areas

    :arrow: Marketing: not that useful, in my opinion could as well be deleted, but if someone find it interesting..

    :arrow: Help me: this is non-sense for me All the site is an "help me" forum.. In fact, if you look into it you find almost everything.. I think it should be removed so that the questions are adressed to the right forum.

    :arrow: I've noticed some posts on ODE and Newton physics engines. Maybe that need a forum ?

    Ok that's it Now you can lunch your stones :right: :left:

    PS Also, some more emoticons would be nice
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    what about collapsing forums ? :P

    I too agree. The idea of using many different forums seemed a nice idea at the time. However, the low number of (new) posts in those forums let me believe that they are in fact not really necessary.

    I think it may be a good idea to have a poll about this.

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    what about collapsing forums ? :P

    Thank you {MSX} foryou fine recommendations, I have not forgotten about this. We should do something to revamp the forums and make them work a little better in the new PGD site.

    I have to come back to this however due to the fact that I have a full plate right now. BUT, I will discuss it with savage soon. Perhaps even this weekend if I can get in touch with him. He is a bit of a busy beaver himself mind you.
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