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    I don't hate coments in the code unles they span through several lines. Those can realy make hadred to visualize the code.
    The best thing to help bisualize the code are region definitions and code folding that is of course if they are used properly. It is to bad they are somwheat broken in Delphi. If you make any syntactical error all the code that is below that point gets unfolded automaticaly. This unfortunately makes code foldin almost uselsess in Delphi.
    I myself use 4 char indents mosty 2 in type declarations only. The main reason for this is old practice from Delphi 6. Since Delphi 6 didn't support automaticly adding "end;" after every "begin" I dah to rite all those ends by myself. And since end is 4 characters long I kept 4 char indets as it alowed me to simply pres UP arrow key to get in place for writing the code inside the method I just started to write.
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    yes i agreed The best thing to help bisualize the code are region definitions
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