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Thread: Looking for a Delphi programmer

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    Looking for a Delphi programmer

    I already have one game currently being reviewed for the App Store and Steam, called Sushi Quest (, and now I'm currently looking for a Delphi programmer to help me develop a new game, that is based on the first one, thus reusing most of the assets, while having a completly different game play.
    This one is a kart racing game, somewhat similar to Mario Kart, with some differences in terms of gamemodes and gameplay.
    What I will need you to do is to write the code for the racing physics (and possibily part of the artificial inteligence). The physics are not mean to be realistic, but rather, should be fun to drive.
    I already have a functional prototype with a rather crude physics system, that you could try to improve, or rather write something new from scratch.
    I also tried using Newton for this, but it seems the vehicle support is rather incomplete and I'm not sure if Newton works with Pascal in the iPhone.

    This is a paid job, if you think you have enough knowledge of Delphi and physics, contact me for more details. I can allow the use of physics engines like Newton or something else as long as it can compile in iPhone, Windows, Mac and Linux (and hopefully Android, as I will try to get the game engine running there soon)

    Here is a screenshot of the current prototype

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    Hi, just don't forget to drop your offer on the FreePascal / Lazarus forum too

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    I've posted this offer on Facebook in the Delphi Developer group.
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