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Thread: PGDmC: Castle of Thorns

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    Castle of Thorns

    Once upon a time a beautiful pricess was
    put to sleep by an evil fairy. As time
    passed the Castle was overgrown by thick
    thorn bushes, preserving everyone inside
    from the ravages of time.

    The curse stated that the princess would
    sleep until a brave warrior braved the
    perils of the thorns and won through to
    find the princess.

    Only the bravest warrior, a knight would
    reach the princess where a kiss would
    awaken the sleeping beauty. And with her
    the castle would awake.


    Extract the .zip file into a directory
    retaining the directory structure.
    (There should be a subdirectory called
    images after unzipping the file).

    All the DLLs are enclosed and no additional
    files should be required.

    To start the game run

    To uninstall delete the directory.

    Game Play

    Use the keys [A], [B], [C] or [D] to
    select one of the open spaces in the
    puzzle. Then use the arrow keys to move
    a neighbouring item into the selected

    Create lines of the same item to score
    points, with larger groups of the same
    item scoreing more points. Groups are
    removed as they are formed.

    If when one group is removed a new line
    of three or more is formed it will also
    be removed. These additional lines are
    worth more points than a normal line.

    Each level is completed once you either
    get enough score to fill your score bar,
    or when the time limit is exceeded as
    shown by the bar moving down in the

    Once a level is complete a new level
    starts where the time limit is smaller
    and you need to score the same number
    of lines and groups to complete the level.

    At higher levels the multiplication
    bonus of secondry groups (combos) is
    important to finish the levels.


    Written for the Pascal Game Development
    mini Challenge 2011.

    by William Cairns
    and Richard Ramsbottom

    Written using FreePascal and S2DL
    (Simple 2D Libraries)

    I have loaded the game my own server as well as the competition server. I can supply another link if this one does not work.
    William Cairns
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    MyOnline Games: (Currently very inactive)

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    I'm afraid I'm not a real big fan of these games. Every now and then I see a flash version and try my luck for a minute or two, but I never cant seem to get the hang of it. It's mostly luck if I ever get to the end of the level and I usually get bored pretty quick. To be totally honest, your version is no different. It probably also didn't help that I could not see the logic behind the A,B,C,D. I ended up selecting one and moving it across the board as quickly as possible and then doing the same with another. I did not get a whole lot of points, but then, I assume thats also not the correct way to play

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    nice game william
    but at least yeah i did the same as Traveler, just select one and move it around, it was still entertaining cause i like these kind of games
    it would be nice if the keys are something like QWER cause it may be that this was the fact that i only used one

    really like the idea that i always move one of the symbols, its not the always used "switch the selected one" way

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    Once I had the game play working I realized it did not need the option to have 4 squares to move around. I also always use one block and race around trying to get the most lines done. I was hoping that the scoring system would encourage more effort in making combos but as with most of these games combos are more "Oh look how lucky I was".

    In the end though I found the game a lot more fun than I was expecting it to be.
    William Cairns
    My Games: (Currently very inactive)
    MyOnline Games: (Currently very inactive)

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