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Thread: S2DL ver 2.1 Release

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    Your S2DL is compatible with DelphiXE2 for work with iPhone/iPad ?

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    Is there documentation available?

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    I think a website dedicated to S2DL should be made as a resource centre for all things relating to this graphics/game library.
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    So 4 years on I've started working on Version 3 of the S2DL libraries. Version 3 will switch completely to SDL2 but will try and do as few changes to the S2DL design as possible. So all OpenGL calls are being removed and all hardware acceleration left to SDL2.

    So far I have been able to convert
    S2DLDraws (most of)
    S2DLImage (most of)
    S2DLFont - changed 3 lines of code
    S2DLInput - Added 12 new constants....

    The 2 basic demos are working
    HelloWorld (Simple app to show text on the screen)
    Balls (Simple game showing sprites - not animated - and mouse input)

    Will try finish what I've done and make it available again.
    William Cairns
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