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    The 69th contest of has finished. It was running for 2 weeks and the theme this time was "First Person Shooter". So here I present my entry - Project69
    If you wish to see the works of all other contestants you can download the complete archive here:
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    "Tell me more!" Delphi or FreePascal? Windows only? What makes it different?
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    Delphi / Windows only. It's not a commercial project so nothing is supposed to be different. just a zombie shooter done in 2 weeks.

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    interesting , 2 weeks only !! , i am sure you will beat me in PGD Mini compo

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    Quite impressive for a two week job. It's a fun game, too! The zombies can be really scary when they suddenly jump at you.

    And my hat off to the rest of the Russian developers. It's a topic well out of our reach.

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    Looks pretty good Dan. I got eaten quite quickly - I am slow at reloading my pistol
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    Put 2 in their heads and they go down quickly.

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    Nice game Dan! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the PGD Challenge.
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    good work !
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    I have made a few small additions to the game (download link is still the same). there are now 2 weapons, a pistol and a sub machine gun (which you need to find first). the zombies are now smarter and can move around the buildings without much trouble. there are higher resolution textures (the original contest entry had to be smaller than 10 mb so most of the textures were compressed). there is a new occlusion culling technique which should improve the game's performance a bit. a few other tiny additions and bug fixes which I cannot remember.

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