I actually really like iLife. The probably I find is that iWeb lags WAY behind the other great apps like iPhoto, iMovie and Garage Band. I believe iWeb was designed exclusively to make quick/nice looking websites for MobileMe, which is half the problem. And this is something that Steve Jobs himself is admitting kinda sucks. Most of the effects that the app offers don't really show up on current-day browsers, ie. Shadows, from what I can tell so I have to modify the hell out of all the site I made just to get them to look nice.

I've heard of RapidWeaver, but not SandVox. I'll likely switch, but not right now. It works for the most part, once I have need of a proper portal, I'll see about properly replacing Dreamweaver. Which I assume is what RapidWeaver is trying to do by it's title.