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Thread: PGDmC - Duke of Dragonfear: Deathland

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    Are you going to implement some form of shadows? (simplistic, like circular) Perhaps it's different when you play it, but right now it looks a bit awkward.

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    Yes, I know. It's like they're floating or something. Shadows are in my TODO list.

    I did a test when I implemented the player but I didn't like it. Next step is to add a (fake) runtime lighting to create an atmosphere (there are a lot of light). Then I'll try some different shadows (solid, translucent, alpha-channel, circle, sprite, ...) and select one of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ?ëu?±o Mart??nez View Post
    Yes, I know. It's like they're floating or something. Shadows are in my TODO list.
    Mine too. Shadows are important, I certainly will add it some time, but not likely in the two days left. It is not very hard to create shadows, but to create good-looking and still fast shadows, that is a lot harder. Pushing myself into desperate speed optimizations in the last minute is not a good idea.

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    Uploading my entry just now. It's too late here in Spain (1:15 a.m. Monday 18th) and I must get up early today to go work so I'll comment tomorrow.

    "God night and good luck."
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    An interesting concept. I has a Diablo-like feel over it. It's a shame you weren't able to develop it further. Are you going to continue this game?

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    Yes, I will continue this game, but I'll start my summer holidays soon so it will be in stand-by for a while.

    It will be an arcade game, I'll add more enemies, re-ensamble the graphics (I don't know if change it from 64x64pixel tile size to 32x32pixel or increase screen size from 640x480 to 800x600), add items, a 2 players mode, etc.

    Here you have the last screen-shot.

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