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Thread: PGDmC: 2-bit Racer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traveler View Post
    I think something in black and white? Tbh, I had a similar thought.
    Yes, that would be a possibility, as in graphical bits, e.g. using toon shading. But I referred to bits of control.

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    I have to admit, from the name it sounds like 4 bit color/grey...
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    Quote Originally Posted by code_glitch View Post
    I have to admit, from the name it sounds like 4 bit color/grey...
    Maybe I should call it "2-button Racer" then?

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    Well technically with 2 bits you can count from 0 to 3... so that's 4 states.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WILL View Post
    Well technically with 2 bits you can count from 0 to 3... so that's 4 states.
    he's got you there Ingemar, but name it what you want - still sounds cool


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    A little status report:

    - Collision detection is now really good. I have experimented with stationary objects and it works well, quite stable.
    - Camera placement is now decent. For quite some time the camera kept catching up with the car which looks bad.
    - I have done some work on my own models. Sadly, I am no 3D artist so they are either simple or look terrible.
    - Start/finish/checkpoints, not finished but soon. Maybe working this evening.
    - Work on level data files.

    Left to do:
    - Make the checkpoints work properly (and related game mechanics).
    - Computer players with decent AI.
    - Particle system for smoke.
    - Better sound effects. (cfxr is a great tool, but the sound quality is not always ideal.)
    - Optimization through VBOs and frustum culling. I will probably skip that for now as long as it runs fine on my MacBook.
    - Make it fun to play. Really the hardest problem of all.

    The biggest critical problem still unsolved is how to make AI players, and I really need that. But anyway, for being a 3D racing game that is not built on any 3rd party engine, I am rather happy.

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    Sounds great Ingemar, keep going mate


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    Quote Originally Posted by paul_nicholls View Post
    Sounds great Ingemar, keep going mate
    Thanks! Sadly, that's exactly what my game AI's does not do right now. They get stuck. Oh well, they are the latest addition so I just have to figure out a few more rules for them to follow.

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    Test upload made! It is called "2-bit racer test" and is a binary for Mac OSX 10.6.

    The game looks a bit strange since the cars have no wheels, but otherwise it is getting close now. The game AI works, it is not very good but it is possible to perform a full race, currently with two opponents. A full race is three laps.

    Linux/Windows version? Well... no. I won't have time. Most of the code is fully portable, especially to Linux, and to Windows shouldn't be hard, but I don't have time for that. Most critically, I don't have any Windows development system with FPC that I am comfortable with. But if someone would like to help me with that, it might be easy.

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    I just tested the game on two other Macs, with less than pergfect results. The other Macs are older, have less powerful GPUs. On an old MacBook, with GMA950, I could make it run once I turned off the shaders, and even then it ran less than smooth.

    But I believe that the judge's Macs were rather better than my main MacBook, and then it should work just fine. I better upload a shader-free version just in case. It doesn't look as good but the chance of running at all improves a bit.

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