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Thread: PGDmC: Knight Fever

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    I had never thought of that Jimmy!
    I changed it to
    if ((yz mod 512) <= 0) then begin inc(yz); writeln('Error #001 caught'); end;
    and suddenly partway through I found that being written to my console, went up the the top left corner of the map and there were goblins outside the map! I just need to make it so they'll auto-delete if they try going outside the map, and that should fix the crash!

    Thank you so much Jimmy, you've saved the entry from random crashing

    EDIT: Nope, seems there are other issues too. But that was one of them. :///

    Double Edit: I seem to have trapped all the crashes now and stopped them from happening, so if it does crash when it's entered, I'll be pretty annoyed, heh
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    Finished, just in time!
    Uploaded to the FTP, and I've got a Dropbox redirect setup just incase something happens to the FTP and/or people want to try out the game without going to the FTP.
    Download it here!

    This has been a fun experience getting this game created and finished by the deadline, hope everyone else enjoyed doing this as well ( ignoring the stress of not being finished until fairly late into the contest )
    Quick note: One of my playtesters had a bug where the goblins would pile up in a deathzone instead of taking damage. He had Windows 7 32-bit. If anyone else has this problem, please tell me and your specs to see if I can pinpoint the issue!

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    I just tried you game on Windows (64b) but didn't experience that problem. I did notice a situation in you 'castle' level where all enemies appearing from the right side are stacked on top of each other.

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