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Thread: PGDmC: The Ancient Tower

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    PGDmC: The Ancient Tower

    Hey Guys,

    havent been here a while

    lucky that the final date is now the 16. and i can still participate on the mini-comp!
    i was thinking what is possible and i came up with alot of ideas at weekend, sort them and pick one

    what idea can it be? its a Tower Climbing game for real arcade junkies :>
    cant imagine what a will look like? mmh i got some hours to spend today and can finally show a screenshot after around 6hours of work (or maybe its already friday and i forgot the time...)

    i will post the game description document tomorrow and maybe put the gamedocument online after the competition

    oh i forgot, there is still alot of work i have to do like:
    -creating more grafic assets
    -create a lvl builder
    -add some sound and music
    -and some other stuff i forgot
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    Hey nice concept so far. Looks like it'll be fun to play come judging time.

    Oh and you actually have until the 17th of July. Which is one more day if you need to tweak or add anything last minute.
    Jason McMillen
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    oh thanks Will and nice to hear that, tweaking last minute is my job so far

    i just think about to make the tower smaller so youre forced to jump more often, another way would be to make the hero faster
    hard decision but hopefully trial'n error will do the job

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    Heh that's looking cool so far, loving the little blobs and coins - although is that a Mario cloud I see hanging around in there?
    Can't wait to play it

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    Nice! looks like it will be fun


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    hey thank you, yip the coins too
    but i plan to do my own when i got time

    today i took a day free, hope i can work some hours tomorrow

    to slow in posting
    thanks paul
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    Don't forget if you want to add some sound effects, you can use sfxr:

    A free sound effect generation program


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    hey thx paul, i already planned to use sfxr for jump and collect sounds but never tested the app yet

    today i got some hours and finished the "lvl editor" and the lvl build algorithm
    the editor is just a .txt file x)
    and the algorithm was needed cause i want only an endless mode for the mini-comp version

    and btw. Will can you please change my topic title and add "PGDmC:" there? dont know how i can do this by myself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daikrys View Post
    hey thx paul, i already planned to use sfxr for jump and collect sounds but never tested the app yet
    I've used sfxr for at least 3 of my gaming projects now so well for what it does


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    Me likes it.
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