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  1. Some graphic benchmarking

    So I was thinking, after going to all this trouble of making OpenGl work with Sdl in an easy interface - how much slower would it be than plain old sdl?

    So I came up with two small little programs to test this out. Prometheus_Vid would go up against sdl_image and sdl. The challenge was simple: how many pixels of a png can each contestant blit in 1 second. The destination would be a 640x480 windows in 32 bit colour mode. No flags for sdl, no special performance modes for Prometheus. ...

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  2. Documentation and Wikis

    So lately, I've been throwing in a little more time than usual at Prometheus. No biggie there. But I did stumble accross an interesting fact of life: setting up an Easy To Find wiki on sourceforge is not the best of ideas. Yes, I'm fully aware it works - but you have to litterally search for it!

    So I thought a while and tadatadaaaaa: came to mind (ok, so it was my 1st google search and the top result ) but after that trek I was stumped by a greater foe: Tag Line. ...

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  3. Got an iPad for Christmas & A Little about Red Ant Games

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	4341.ipad-in-Canada.jpg 
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ID:	185Well I finally got one and I love it. When I was younger, I used to dream about such devices after watching several episodes of Star Trek and seeing how great such an idea was to have a tablet sized computer that you can take with you and set it down ready to use almost everywhere. Well now I've got one and it's awesome.

    One of the most exciting things about having this new device, other than all the cool apps that you can get, is the fact that I can also ...
  4. The touch screen revolution - The lappy strikes back

    And who has not heard of the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad... The similarity is they all have touch capabilities. And over the holidays, in France I figured I could join that bandwagon with a new tablet. The peculiar aspect is that my tablet has a proper core 2 celeron (I'll get to that weirdness in a sec) and a full keyboard with HDMI out, VGA, the standard 3 USB ports, LAN, n wifi, bluteooth, 8 hours battery life, 3GB DDR3 Ram and etc. The difference being that you would expect to find that on a laptop ...

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  5. Ah - This is a tough one

    Have you ever heard that song that goes a bit like 'Its my liiiife - its now or never.....'? It's a bit funny since my life is rather like an express train - it runs 23 hours a day, sleeps for 30 minutes and waits for stuff for the other 30 minutes. And yes, I know all you people have busy lives too with work/uni and etc.... But I'll tell you what: 1 week. In that 1 Week I will cover over 1,600 km, go across the channel, traverse france, and back then head up to cambridge and back. I will type ...
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