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    It's been a while since another issue has been published, but this publication hasn't been forgotten, nor is it going away. As of last week Jason McMillen, Object Pascal evangelist, indie game developer and PGD community leader has signed up as a paid Apple Developer and will be producting digital versions of the Pascal Gamer Magazine for enhanced viewing on the iPad and eventually on the iPhone as well. Android may follow it there is enough request and feedback.

    Following that there will be future issues of the magazine to follow and a call-out for content from contributors in the community. Topics may include more tutorials, coverage of Embarcadero's new Delphi XE 2, developing for Mac and iOS using Free Pascal / Lazarus and even more Pascal-made game reviews.

    Keep an eye out for more details on www.PascalGamer.com.
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    1. chronozphere's Avatar
      chronozphere -
      Very good. I don't have any IOS devices, so 1+ for an android version.
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      Should I find an acceptable Android template and the Android Marketplace system become easy to work with I'd be willing to try, but I don't have nor am I planning on getting an Android device out of my own pocket. Donations towards this end however will be accepted. (Both hardware or cash donations.)
    1. SuperMaximo93's Avatar
      SuperMaximo93 -
      Nice one. I'd very much like an Android version too, though! Google have recently updated the Android Market to include ebooks, so using Google Books might be an option for you
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      Quick tease/preview...

      Attachment 634
      My iPad in my hand.
    1. Ñuño Martínez's Avatar
      Ñuño Martínez -

      Just yesterday somebody asked me about to create games for mobile devices.
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      App submitted and wait for review...
    1. azrael11's Avatar
      azrael11 -
      Just waiting to download...
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      Still waiting for review, but I can tell you for sure that you will get it on the 23rd of November, unless I can find a way to speed up the due-date before then.

      I have also been pondering over the cost of getting Photoshop CS5 for my Mac to help with my other aspects of development (Magazine content & Game/Tool/iOS App development)

      $699 USD is no small price. And that's just the Standard edition. Can't be helped though, I need Photoshop to continue to work on future magazines, iOS versions of the magazine, a series of comic book projects, PGD & Pascal Gamer promotional materials, Garland's Quest and my other game assets. Maybe some of the community could help me out and take a chunk of this cost away?

      Does the cost of $0.99 per issue put anyone off the idea of the iOS version of the magazine once I start publishing out newer issues? I could keep the current issue Free and make all back issues $0.99?
    1. Chesso's Avatar
      Chesso -
      Thats not much at all, though some people may not have paypal etc.
    1. code_glitch's Avatar
      code_glitch -
      @chesso: some people may not have an iPad or any iOSes at all...

      CS5? I find PDN and GIMP do a lot of niceness already - and if I recall CS4 had all but a few bells and whistles in CS5 for around 150GBP all in...

      Does this mean we have to pay for pascalgamer on pc too?
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      The PDF version will still be free at reduced resolution. I will still be selling them in print out of my Lulu.com Store as well. However now if you have an iPad, you can get Pascal Gamer on it. Also for those that might be interested in learning Pascal for making games and are existing iPad users, we get more exposure in the iTunes App Store too. I'm planning on making an iPhone version as well down the road. I am interested in putting the magazine onto Android tablets as well, but lack the means currently.

      All issues on the iPad will be free until the 4th issue is published. Issue 4 will be coming out with the FREE reduced quality PDF, Lulu.com high quality print version and iOS App at about the same time. Once issue 4 is out. I'll be putting all existing back issues at $0.99 USD to help gather funding to help cover expenses in producing new issues and hosting existing issues of Pascal Gamer Magazine.

      The iTunes Store doesn't use PayPal. iOS device users would need a valid credit card to use iTunes to update and download new apps anyhow. If you don't want to use that credit card there is always iTune gift cards too. After you redeem them they will stay in your account balance and you can use it later just like PSN, XBox Live and all the others do.

      I do however use PayPal to accept donations to Pascal Gamer Magazine. I have received a few donations so far, not enough to cover everything, but every little bit helps.

      I am now accepting new material and article submissions for issue 4 for all those interested authors.
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      The App is now shown as "In Review". You guys may get it sooner than I thought.
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -
      Well it was just approved today and is now available for download on the iTunes App Store here at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pasca...4304?ls=1&mt=8

      It is of course FREE to download and available for iPad only. iPhone users will have to wait until I am able to get an iPhone version complete and setup.

      Please try it and rate it. Feedback very welcomed!
    1. paul_nicholls's Avatar
      paul_nicholls -
      I just posted it on the delphi developer facebook page
    1. WILL's Avatar
      WILL -

      I am also pleased to mention that it has been downloaded/purchased at least 13 times with just the iPad version of the app. Not bad for just the first couple of days so far.

      Breaking it down by country stores:

      Norway: 2
      UK: 2
      Hong Kong: 1
      Austria: 1
      Brazil: 1
      USA: 1
      India: 1
      Saudi Arabia: 1
      Korea, Republic Of: 1
      Spain: 1
      Others: 1

      I downloaded a copy of it myself through the store today so that will probably bring it up to 14 with an extra for Canada tomorrow. I also have to wait for my form to get to Apple and get sent back before I can use their "Available on iOS" logos to advertize on PascalGamer.com.