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Who runs the PGD website?

There have been a few managers in PGD's (as of 6th April, 2014) 11 year history. The current Site Manager is Christina Louise Warne aka AthenaOfDelphi.

I've been a member of PGD since 2004, by day, I'm a professional software engineer with nearly 20 years commercial Delphi experience and over 25 years Pascal experience having started with Turbo Pascal 3.3 at college. By night, I'm a keen hobbyist/indie game developer with not enough game releases under my belt having only released one (The Outer Reaches - The Second Beginning, a browser based space strategy game released in 2004). AthenaOfDelphi - 6th April 2014

Site Management History

Original Site Managers were both Dominique Louis and Jason McMillen, but eventually Mr. Louis stepped down due to other career obligations. In 2008, Mr. McMillen stepped down due to his own career commitments, where both Christina Louis Warne and Alexander Rosendal took over site operations and management. In late 2010, with the support of the existing Site Managers, Mr. Rosendal and Miss Warne, Jason McMillen retook the position of Site Manager once again before stepping down early in 2014 to focus on his growing family and his own game development projects.

Past Site Managers include:

Who are the current PGD Staff Members?

Site Manager

Christina Warne aka AthenaOfDelphi

Forum Moderators

Benjamin Gregg-Smith aka code_glitch
Jason McMillen aka WILL

News Reporters

Jason McMillen aka WILL

Who founded PGD?

The Pascal Game Development community website was originally a merger between two existing websites. DGDev had forums where Pascal developers registered and posted various topics about tools, libraries and techniques and of course their own personal projects. DelphiGamer was a news reporting site which also had various articles about game development using Object Pascal. The two seemed to compliment each other and eventually formed a partnership and eventually were to be merged into one big super-site for Pascal developers.

Dominique Louis and his friend Dean Ellis ran DelphiGamer while Ivan aka BlueCat ran DGDev. Jason McMillen, the one who instigated the discussions on the DGDev forums, which lead to the partnership and eventual merger of the two sites, co-ordinated and began the creation of the first Pascal Game Development community website. Dominique Louis and Jason McMillen both ran the original site as partnered Site Managers.

The original site, or PGD 1.0 as it's often referred to, was developed by Jason McMillen using phpBB and various mods and custom PHP scripts. Graphic design and layout for the site was done by Alexander Rosendal.

At the launch of the PGD site Dominique Louis announced a small game development competition for site members in which the winners would earn prizes from the event's sponsors. This event in following years became known as the PGD Annual.

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