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Thread: Delphi XE2 is here!

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    Thanks for the review! I've been on the fence about buying for quite some time. It really sounded like it was a genuine step forward. But the price (well over 1000 euros for the pro version) is a pretty steep one. From your review I gather it's a good product, but still not quite there in some of the key areas. I think I'm going to hold off at least until it has matured somewhat more.

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    Hi Lifepower

    I had written big long reply but then I lost it - so I will do short reply instead.

    I agree mostly with your assessment. However, I have not had any IDE issues at all even though it has been the only compiler I have been using.

    I really hope EMB continue to develop FMX and improve samples, documentation and performance. Lifepower, can't you go an work for them?
    The views expressed on this programme are bloody good ones. - Fred Dagg

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