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Thread: Android game FoembJump now opensourced

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    Android game FoembJump now opensourced

    Hello you all,

    I've decided to make my android game called FoembJump opensource, which contains 99% ObjectPascal code, 0.1% C++ code (because the original OpenGL ES 2.0 JNI-bridged Android Java API was broken in some Android versions 2.0+2.1 (non-existent) and 2.2 (existent but buggy), it's fixed in Android >=2.3) and 0.9% Java JNI-Bridge Code (with OpenGL ES 2.0 context setup code part and so on).

    It uses OpenGL ES 2.0, and it's multithreaded (so UI, gamelogic and rendering stuff are splitted in own threads for maximal possible framerate over a render task queue).

    And the whole sound/music stuff are also self-rendered by the objectpascal code with a own small-but-nice sound system, which supports WAV for sound effects (incl. looping (with support for loop header stuff in the RIFFed WAVs), fading, panning, polyphony, etc.) and MOD/WOW/XM for music (so BeRoXM is integrated).

    The game framework itself is crossplatform, so FoembJump can run on Android, Win32/Win64 and Linux-x86/Linux-AMD64 with "only one" codebase.

    And BeRoVectorCanvas is a stacked vector 2D canvas with own TTF font loader and renderer, together with analytical anti aliasing (with optional support for RGB subpixel anti aliasing) for the whole canvas content. It's, or better it was used mainly only for the font rendering stuff.

    Android market link:
    AndroidPit app center link:

    And here finally the link to the sources:

    The game data stuff is licensed under the
    license, for example the most of the graphics are from Christoph 'giZMo' Muetze.

    And the code is mostly licensed under the 2-clause simplified BSD license.
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    Oh this is super awesome. I'll have a look ASAP.
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    Thank you. That is quite generous of you.

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    Awesome. Thanks Benjamin.
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    many thanks BeRo ,this is really cool sharing

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    Spirit of sharing knowledge....

    Thank you....

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    Wow! Thanks so much for allowing us to see your source code - very very generous of you!!


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    PS. I have installed the game on my tablet and will give it a go tonight

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    Hey ReBo, if I want try making my own Android game using some of your framework as a basis, how do I make the cross-compiler needed to compile the pascal code? What version of freepascal do I need, and what parameters would I need when building the cross-compiler?

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