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    I made a sunvox 1.7.3b header translation. pretty sure it doesn't compile/work on systems other than windows
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    1.3.7b? That's old... Try getting 1.7.3b to work. Anyway it's pretty cool and unless you used any windows-specific units in your code, it should compile on other systems. I'll also inform NightRadio about this. Maybe he could help getting some official help (I remember there is SunVox addon for ZGameEditor which is written in Pascal (dunno if Delphi or Lazarus) so maybe merging would be feasible).

    //edit: I see you already posted it there. Anyway, good job! I hope that after you'll release game you'll keep it updated.
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    made it compile under linux
    here's a repo on github

    pascal header now is now bundled with official sunvox.dll

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    Well, it compiles, but does it actually make any sound?

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