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Thread: Can't search nor recover password on a computer with blocked Google

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    Unhappy Can't search nor recover password on a computer with blocked Google

    The captcha is nice, and I completely understand the reason for it.
    But it is still a yawning hole in my privacy.

    On my machine, I completely block the and many related domains via the hosts file, so no application can access it.
    Took me a while to notice the tiny phrase "Image Verification" on the left. There was nothing next to it, even when I temporarily enabled javascript for the domain -- so I figured it should be something in my blacklist.

    Usually I just leave such sites and forget them, but... I have my account here for near a decade, did not want to lose it. So I used a virtual machine I keep for unsafe operations -- like allowing Adobe stuff to connect to the network or installing that Google Chrome trojan -- to reset my password.
    Hope that captcha does not come up again. Because (just great) Google now knows I have an account on this website.

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    When and where did the Captcha come up? So far I have never seen it pop up during forum search while being logged in.

    Now if you haven't loged in to the PGD site for some time it is posible that the captcha ocured as a prevention measure to posibly detect if some Bot might have managed to break into an old users accout. If my memory serves me corectly AthenaOfDelphi did mention once that she set that any user that hasn't been active for longer period must verify that he is indeed a human (that is done by using captcha). If that is the case the captcha system shouldn't show up again unless you "go away" for quite some time.

    But if the captcha system is still poping up to when you are logged in you please do provide more information as to which steps are usually required for it to pop up so we can check if that is as intended or not.

    Also do take note that after 15 minutes of inactivity on the site (15 minutes since last page was lodaded in your browser) the system automatically logs you out unless you have used permament login (checking the "remember me" checkbox). So it is posible that website already logged you out before you were executing your search which could result in captcha in poping up as a prevention measeure for web bots not messing up with the PGD site by spamming the search.

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    I've just checked the site configuration and registered users should not be being asked to verify they are human using the captcha.

    As SilverWarior has stated, your login will timeout if you don't select 'Remember me'.

    But, if you are still experiencing the captcha when you are properly logged in, please let me know directly with information (browser, OS etc.) and I'll try and look into it for you with as representative system as I can muster.

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