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Thread: Scripting with remote debugger?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akira13 View Post
    Not sure why a tool "not meant for devs" would require direct debugging functionality, though?
    Because I wouldn't call modders devs, for both cripting without debugger is a hassle. At later time I'd like to introduce a blueprint editor for visual scripting. UE4 shows that this approach let's even clueless people do some 'coding'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laggyluk View Post
    Because I wouldn't call modders devs
    I guess you haven't yet seen how awesome modders can be. There are many examples where modders actually create so awesome mods that even original developers were stunned by them. Some of these examples even include mods for games that don't have official modding support.

    So my suggestion is to start thinking about them as developers because many times modders are actually people who have some experience programming but not enough to be able to make a whole game on their own.

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    I just meant that modding is easier and not necessarily require programming knowledge. In general.

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    Yes in general modding doesn't necessarily require programming knowledge because modding can mean anything from changing values of some accessible constants to replacing existing textures/models and so on.
    But your wish is to add scripting support. And since writing scripts is a way of programming well a much simplified way at least. You are consequently adding support for your modders to do some programming and yet you don't see them as potential programmers. That doesn't seem logical.

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