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Thread: Mulitplexity: Building Brick Artillery

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    Mulitplexity: Building Brick Artillery

    Hey guys...

    Unfortunately I need to tell you that I am definetely out of the competition.

    There are several reasons for this decision of mine:

    - I don't have the time
    - I have three other projects I need to do in my spare time which bing money into my pockets!
    - I stopped my Valgard project for the compo which made much more fun to work on. So I will resume it now in the very rare free hours and try to get this one finished as soon as I can.
    - I had some problems with my health the last months... now that several docs did not find any organic problems, it seems that mental factors are causing my problems. So I am now trying to make myself less stress. In fact, this is the main reason why I decided to put this project in the drawer of my shelf. It's also the reason why I quit smoking 10 weeks ago (the best thing I did in the last years )

    Ok, enough chattering. I know it is very sad for the competition to loose another entrant. But I am just not able to continue this game right now without loosing money or getting stress. So I hope you all understand this decision.

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    Mulitplexity: Building Brick Artillery

    A tough decision no doubt.
    Your game looked very promising, but I can understand your reasoning. I hope you'll find the time again to continue it, someday.

    In any case, I wish you all the best.

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    Mulitplexity: Building Brick Artillery

    Oh Dirk, that is truly sad to hear.
    I really hope you get better soon; best wishes!
    And no matter what, make sure you do submit your entry, it will still be quite a challenge for some of us!

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    Mulitplexity: Building Brick Artillery

    Sorry to hear that Dirk. Please make sure that we have the latest version before the deadline though.

    And if you can just resubmit it for each deadline so the judges can give you the points for the goals you completed early.

    You'll still be scored at the Final Judging of course.
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