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Thread: Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    450+ FPS...
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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    Looks like I still have time to work on my stage 2 entry.

    I added a simple configuration program to configure the display settings. Would be nice to hear from those with widescreen monitors about how it looks in fullscreen mode.

    I also made the asteroids brighter, the texture was too dark and my beta testers complained that they couldn't see them. I'm testing a simple atmosphere effect too on the planet Earth.

    Get the latest version here

    EDIT: Something's very wrong with the fullscreen display modes, the refresh rate is only 60Hz! I can't find a way to change that! HELP!!!
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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    Works good for me. Around 300fps on my laptop. Widescreen seems to work properly as well (1280x800)

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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    The problem with the display settings is following: if VSync is on and I have desktop resolution set to 1280x1024@85Hz, then I try to set the game's resolution to 1600x1200 and I get 60Hz refresh rate. When I change my desktop to 1600x1200@85Hz then I get the 85Hz in the game too.

    It looks like you CANNOT control the refresh rate in SDL!

    Here's something that I found on the 'net:
    Windows XP uses 60 Hz as a default OpenGL refresh rate. Setting it to another value is merely a parameter to Change Display Settings, with no easy way to know whether the video card and the monitor support the requested refresh rate, which makes it hardly impossible to put into SDL.
    So, it looks like it's time to say "Bye-bye SDL"...

    I don't have the time to get rid off all that SDL crap in my code and replace it with some other hack and still make it for the stage 2 deadline, but on stage 3 I won't have anything SDL related in my game engine.

    There goes my dreams for cross-platform domination...
    If you develop an idiot proof system, the nature develops better idiots.

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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    If you make all movements in the game time based instead of frame based yuou can still use OpenGL and SDL.
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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    I agree with William vgo.
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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    Everything is already time based, I'm talking about the refresh rate of the MONITOR, not the GAME. There's nothing I can do about the fact that 60Hz refresh rate on a CRT monitor is VERY BAD for your eyes, at least I can't watch that for any longer than 10-30 seconds before my eyes start to hurt.

    I've already started working on a pure Win32 framework with a frame limiter (rendering is done at a speed of ~60fps and game logic is updated ~100 times per second).
    If you develop an idiot proof system, the nature develops better idiots.

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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    I use SDL and Opengl and it my game works fine.

    The refresh rate should have no effect on your game. You can turn off VSync using wgl_swapcontrolext, that way your game will render at the maximum speed it can.

    I wouldn't just abandon SDL, it was good enough for Unreal Tournament
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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    If you are using OpenGL via SDL, then SDL is not to blame for your refresh rate woes.

    And like Dean, just mentioned you can force VSYNC on or off on the software layer with the WGL extension.
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    Multiplexity: Space Commando (working title)

    I've already almost finished my new framework.

    There's some problems with that too.... (What else is new, eh? )
    On my AMD Athlon XP it runs as it should (60fps rendering and 100fps game logic), but on my AMD Athlon 64 X2 both threads run at ~65fps, which is a bit weird.
    I've been trying to set the thread affinity masks for the threads with no luck so far.
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