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Thread: Who is making a game?

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    Re: Who is making a game?

    I'm working on two games at the moment. One I'm doing completely on my own with my own (crap) graphics. The other I've conscripted a friend with some artistic talent. The first is a 2d space rpg with gameplay similar to old GTA games. Except in space. Overall the game alows the tradition "Elite" career paths, Merchant, bountyhunter or pirate, but the nature of the game encourages the Pirate path, which in other games is often neglected and the hardest and least rewarding way to play.
    Its 2d, but I'm using opengl for the graphics, so the background stars have a 3d-ish feel (they're textured quads like everything else in the game)

    The second one is still in its concept stages, although the display engine is already done. Its a fantasy rpg with a darker (almost ravenloft-esque) setting. You play the role of an Undead prince, one of the powerful rulers of the House, a refuge for undead that has long had a truce with the nearby human (living) settlements. Obviously this truce is going to be disturbed, mostly through the efforts of the main characters "brother". A friend of mine who is a starting out novelist is writing the story and doing most of the design. Another friend is doing the graphics, and I'm the programmer, as well as the designer of such elements as the combat system and game mechanics.

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    Re: Who is making a game?

    I'm still working on my MMORPG.

    Working title is Super Awesome Game of Awesome Uberness. I've been busy the last month or so, so not much has gotten done. Hopefully I'll be able to work on it a lot more in the comming months. Ideally, I'd like to have a playable demo out this year.

    The 3D engine was recently switched from one that I wrote from scratch, to Ogre 3D, the Ogre build is still being fleshed out, so I do not have any good screenshots of it, but the orginal build looked pretty good.

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    Re: Who is making a game?

    Yes, making a game and topic can be found:

    Hmm.. i'll continue this post there

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    Re: Who is making a game?

    My current game is called MathGenius. I have a lot of things to do still...

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    Re: Who is making a game?

    Peace!) Yes, we're still making multiplayer version of Debrysis. One day it will be released, I hope.


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    Re: Who is making a game?

    Well, I am,... or was. I'm considering something new 

    PS. Nice to see so many new faces here

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    Re: Who is making a game?

    There are nice games here.Really.

    While working on Allegro.pas (a new alpha release soon ) I'm working on a game too. It isn't a secret project but I didn't release it yet, mainly because I'm currently using copyrighted material for test and I must create new graphics for the final version.

    The game's name is Enjambre (= swarm) and it's a reinvention of the latest game developed by OperaSoft (creators of "Dr. Livingstone, I Presume", "Goody", "The Abbey of Crime" and many others) named La Colmena (= The hive), which was a good idea but poorly executed (except graphics, which are the ones I'm using to test it). It's a board game from two to eight players. The players must answer trivia questions and do "actions" (can't find a good translation for Spanish "prueba") and games, much as party-games.

    The original game was oriented to adult audience and I'm keeping that but never pr0ngraphic . You can set the maximum level to 1, 2 or 3 to play with friends safely . Levels 6 and 7 are only for lovers though (remember: never pr0n).

    By the way, once finished it's possible to edit all data files to do it more "conventional" and create a white clean party game just changing graphics and texts.
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    Re: Who is making a game?

    Ah, long time since I've been here I'm still working like a madman on my engine (

    I hope to make and finish a new game during vacation, working title "Human Programming". FPS, but without any shooting, mostly walking around / solving riddles + a little fighting with non-standard weapons (a broom, and a chair's leg are planned for now )). With only one (!) but hopefully very beautiful and large level.

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    Re: Who is making a game?

    Hi there, I am working for several years on a quite simple 2d side scrolling bomber game. It is just based upon Freepascal and SDL. No further 2d game development library involved since I use this game for learning purposes. Probably many of you would have done this within few days but I was forced to do many long breaks on this project. However I think a first release is available soon.

    EDIT: Imagelocation changed.

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    Re: Who is making a game?

    I'm busy with planning on a great idea I got the other day. Currently there is not much to show, but I'll blurt it all out once I have a more solid concept. Currently my idea is to make a 2D-isometric action game, with a gripping story of course.

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