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Thread: Wolfenstein 3D - Remake

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    Re: Wolfenstein 3D - Remake

    Hi harrypitfall,
    I found on youtube the video of a version of your Wolfenstein 3d remake that uses real 3d models as the treasure...nice work!


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    Re: Wolfenstein 3D - Remake

    I was mentioning before (before the server lost a few messages a short time back) when playing your game that doors would not be opened by enemy characters. But I played it a bit longer and noticed that they do in fact do this, IF they are in a room where they have already seen you. That's not bad, but I can assure you that in real life you fire off a 9mm nevermind a big ass chain gun, you'll be heard through a steel door. lol

    If I may recommend something; why not have a distance from which when you fire off your weapon, if there is an enemy within 'hearing range' they will come out of their default 'trance' and come to check it out? You could even have them pick a random spot from where the shot was 'heard' from to simulate the guy not knowing where the sound came from.

    And of course you could then have different ranges for different weapons. ie. the big chain gun would be louder than a 9mm, rifle or a knife.

    Just some gameplay thoughts.
    Jason McMillen
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    Re: Wolfenstein 3D - Remake

    @WILL, At DooM you are heard when you press the fire button hand have your hands selected as a weapon. I really doesn't make any sound, but it fun
    And I think the big steel doors are sound-proof
    NecroSOFT - End of line -

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    Re: Wolfenstein 3D - Remake

    That version with models is entire written on javascript... yeah... javascript...
    Is a prototype of a "game engine" with a IDE, that you code the game using javascript... I drop the development of the engine...
    The game itself is like this... and supports GLScene/UnDelphiX
    var MainForm;
    function main() {
     MainForm = new TGameMainForm(Application);
     MainForm.SetResolution(800, 600);
     MainForm.FramesPerSecond = 40;
     MainForm.AddState('Default', null, DefaultRun, null);
    function DefaultRun(State) {
     var InputState = MainForm.Input.States([]);
     if InputState[isButton1] {
    The real trouble, is that script engine are too slow to be fully embebbed this way... so I stop this and start using only the pure Delphi...

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    Wolfenstein 3D - Remake - New Video/Version

    I add some extra features to the game, change some sprites and sounds.

    * Ammo Racks
    * Smoke Trail for Projectiles
    * Better AI - There is always improvements to be done!

    Ok, some people says about sounds that don't echoing over doors, the original wolfenstein echoes sounds in a area, with doors opened or closed. But they have a extra "sprite", called, "Deaf Guard", that I didn't add to the game (sorry). So, all guards can wear sounds. In current state, If I enable the sound to go over doors, Is very possible to have a chain reaction, that makes ALL guards on the level comes at you... lol (I did it before). The trouble is that guards don't need keys to open locked doors...
    Maybe I can add the possibility that sounds echoing over unlocked doors only...
    Also, the enemys don't have the patrolling state (this state makes then walking in a path marked on the floor).
    Yes, all this knowledge I get modding the original game, and reading it's source code...

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    Re: Wolfenstein 3D - Remake

    ..., I can not visite
    so, I can not download your new things.

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    Re: Wolfenstein 3D - Remake

    Ok, I'll post here the download link direct too...


    > New HUD
    > Restored some textures to original ones. I just think a bit, and see no real problem to have ORIGINAL walls (so, I restored hitler images on walls, it gives more appealing to be like the original game!)
    > Fixed Intermission Screen.
    > Support for sprites with "Alpha-Channel" - You'll notice the shadows/lights, and smoke trails.
    > Fixed a small bug with Knife.

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    Re: Wolfenstein 3D - Remake

    Hi, everything seems to work OK here, thanks for the nostalgia and keep up the good work!
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    Re: Wolfenstein 3D - Remake

    fine! I got it.


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    Re: Wolfenstein 3D - Remake

    I have some insteresting news...
    Mame have a opl 3 emulator, and I found a free ImfPlayer (with source code), that plays the original .imf musics... Wolfenstein/Spear/Blake Stone...
    So, instead that huge ammount of mp3 files (19 Mb) a 90Kb dll and a 440 Kb DataFile (the pack will all original music) Will be Shipped with the game... (also, I add some missing sounds, and pack then into one only file)
    I have the imglib.dll source code, compiled perfectly with dev-cpp and tweaked to have volume and error callback control! (yes, I'm multi-language...)

    The "Final" version will be small, fast and use only a small set of files... very professional working no?

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