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Thread: Wolfenstein 3D - Remake

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    Hi, I thought this is a developer platform - developer talk about source code, but it seems to be a worship platform or a game playing platform - I am not really sure. Why is the source code still hidden?

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    Hi hello and congrats on your first post on PGD! I'd welcome you, but you seem to have been around the site for a while.

    I'm not really sure why you'd consider PGD a 'worship platform', but you'll notice at a closer look that all game releases are made using Pascal-based tools. The Wolfenstien 3D remake for example is made in Pascal, however he may or may not choose to release his source for others to use. Some like to keep their code private. If you have a question about how to do something or want to know how he made something in his game, just go ahead and ask about it. I believe he actually released the source code with the game binaries as well. You'd have to download the game to find out, it's been a while since I tested this one. Though I remember it was pretty well done and somewhat faithful to the original game.
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