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Thread: Have questions? Post them to us here!

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    What do you guys think of these competitions anyhow? Any ideas for us to help attract more 'younger' minds to the Pascal game dev community?
    That is important, and tricky, but maybe making entries that are good examples and sharing the code?

    I am fairly experienced, and a teacher myself, so I hope I can rather encourage than outperform the young participants. Participating is important for me too, I want to make sure that I know the subject well enough to do what I ask my students to do. (I only feel sorry for them that they don't know FPC. It is so much easier with a good language.)

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    The FTP site seems to be closed. Pity, I wanted to get the games that arrived at the end. So, how many submissions were there in the end?

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    Will announced here.
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