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Thread: PGDmC: Vectored!

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    Thanks Jason I have already removed the F5 bit (and from the audio file too) anway...

    I am just adding some effects for when objects are destroyed/picked up, and I will re-submit my entry (very soon)


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    That's ok F5 didn't do anything anyways.
    Jason McMillen
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    Attention everyone (and judges )

    I have now uploaded (hopefully) my final version - it now includes music this time (I forgot to add it to the archive...D'OH!), and graphical effects when destroying objects/picking them up

    I think I now have all the bugs out of it, like the audio saying press F5 but that not working (is now removed) hehe

    The new filename is:
    "paul_nicholls - vectored! -" (Win32 only, 6.1MB in size)

    Thanks to for all the voices in the game

    Thanks all, and good luck!!

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    Well, if I get time tonight, I will upload a newer version of my game - I have added in a fullscreen mode using "-fullscreen" as a parameter

    I will also do some small tweeks too...

    It is 8:05pm on the 17th here in Australia and I don't know how many hours I have left


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    It's 1:20pm here in Holland. I'm assuming I have at least until midnight.

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    Looks like I won't be doing any more tonight - one of my children has gastro

    If I have time first thing tomorrow morning, I will upload my new version with the fullscreen option...


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    Ok, I have uploaded my most definitely final version to the ftp:

    "paul_nicholls - vectored! - definitely final!!.zip"

    It has the -fullscreen option if you want to use it, and also some tweeks...

    I'm off to have some breakfast and go to work.

    Good luck to one and all!!


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    I have tried your game (not the "definitiely final" but an earlier one) and it looks very nice, runs smoothly. As I said before, the "filtered" look is a good effect. I didn't have speakers so I couldn't hear anything which certainly was a limitation but not one you are responsible for.

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    Thanks for the kind words

    This latest version is improved and much better IMHO - it has music, and voices saying what you are hitting/picking up which is very cool!

    Here is a link to the same version in my dropbox folder for those who can't access FTP:


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    HI Paul,

    Graphics look cool. But I am getting some weird play issues.

    I can press ctrl and I see a bullet, but it only works once.

    I can press space bar and it fires, but I can't seem to hit anythiung.

    If I fly through a green bomb looking thing the control seem to freeze and I can't move any more.

    If I hit the yellow blob I appear to die but the game goes on without me, i.e, I have no plane to fly.

    I love the 3d vector look and the smooth rotations is nice.

    I have played it three or four times but I am confused as to what is going on, sorry.
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