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Thread: PGDmC: My unnamed project

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    Only 2 days left and the project is almost finished. I spend the last couple of days trying to clean up the source code and make corrections and adjustments to the map. Also I made some tests in different hardware to make sure that everything works right.
    The game has one level. One part of the action is outdoors and the other is indoors (to be more specific: underground).
    The level design was very time-consuming, that's why I had desided from the start to build only one level (but big enough).
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    wow! looking awesome mate


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    Looking really nice.
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    Indeed it does look impressive. You built a good FPS engine.
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    The most tricky part was the seamless integration between terrain and buildings. The AI of the entities was scripted from scratch using the DelphiDoom preudo-script language which was enriched to contain new AI functions (eg smoke, pushable walls and objects). The player has only one weapon, the magic stick. When you collect magic stuff you can blast energy power to fight your enemies from far, when you are out of magic stuff you can only hit them from close range with the stick
    Due to an editor bug I lost some days ago a great part of the outdoor area , so outdoor area was narrowed. You can still see from far some buildings in outdoor area but they are unreachable, I left them there just for scenery.
    Indoor areas are divided into logical subdivisions (ie rooms). The most of the times enemies will not go from one room to another, so you don't have to worry about enemies left behind. You can also use some pushable objects (eg barrels to take cover from enemies). To go from one room to another in some cases you will encounter pushable walls, walk toward them to open the entrance of the next room or to find a hidden place.
    When you play the game for the first time you should choose the begginer difficulty level, less and weaker enenies, more power-ups (health - magic stuff). There are also 3 more difficulty levels: easy, normal and hard.
    All rendering effects (light sources, shadows) achieved via multitexturing (no experience for advanced tecniques like shaders and not time for hi-quality shadows using eg stencil buffer)
    You can save the current game from disk and load it to continue playing a game in progress.
    I've also included an autoplay demo.
    The game has been uploaded to the server, this is the final version, no time during weekend for something more.

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    what is the name of the uploaded file?


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    Quote Originally Posted by paul_nicholls View Post
    what is the name of the uploaded file?
    Maybe it is "Dragon_1st_PGD_CH.rar"? I have downloaded but must get a rar unpacker before trying.

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    Yes, that's it!
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    wow! pretty awesome dude!! I did have trouble going through the trees though - I kept getting stuck


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